Heripret, a partner of Verlinde and member of the after-sales and Europont networks, designed, produced and installed a 40-tonne overhead crane with a 25-tonne auxiliary for handling 35-tonne moulds at a metallurgy works. The lifting and handling parts of such weight requires lifting equipment with absolute reliability and a very high degree of positioning precision.

Heripret has become over 40 years a widely-acknowledged specialist for the manufacture and maintenance of overhead cranes for overhead handling using rotating hooks, for loads from 125 kg to 120 tonnes and spans of up to 35 meters. Based in the Pas de Calais, France, an industrial zone for the metallurgy and the automobile industries, Heripret works with numerous subcontractors in this field. Its initial offer of services and its after-sales, maintenance and repair services are essential for manufacturers whose factories operate 24/7.

A large-scale project
The metallurgy company was looking for a technical solution for lifting and turning a new 35-tonne mould used for stamping parts for the automotive industry, the two existing bridges now at the limit of their rated load. For its new stamping unit, the company renovated an old steel industry facility which was part of its building stock. The large empty building had the capacity to accommodate an overhead crane.

The manufacturer chose Heripret, which has fully maintained all of its lifting equipment since 2018, and that of Verlinde equipment to undertake the tasky.

Heripret proposed a 40-tonne bridge together with a 25-tonne auxiliary trolley with an exceptional reach adapted to the existing 34-metre structure. They are fitted with Eurobloc VT 512 twin rail electric wire rope hoists, customised as necessary.

Delicate handling
The 40-tonne trolley lifts the 40-tonne steel mould and then the 25-tonne auxiliary trolley tilts it. This turning upside down is necessary for the opening of the mould and its maintenance. Such manipulation requires very precise control of movement. That is why the variable speed drive of the VT hoist as well as its load calculation mode between the two trolleys is essential. The speed allowed by the hoist is very slow: on average between 0.1 metres / minute and 5.1 metres / minute. The positioning of the load in the press is thus extremely precise.

The structures of the overhead crane are equipped with a maintenance gangway. The switch cabinet brings together all the electrical equipment in a single cabinet. A walkway on the overhead crane provides easy and safe access to the travel motors and steering trolleys. It also allows rapid repairs and maintenance in complete safety.

A lifting system that operates continuously
As the parts produced are intended for an automotive subcontractor, the cranes are used fully loaded 6 days a week. The equipment must therefore be reliable. Heripret supports the installation with its express maintenance and repair service contract 24/7, even during public holidays. This availability perfectly meets the needs of the company.

Since their installation in 2020, operation of the bridges has been faultless. The customer has thus continued its collaboration with Heripret for the retrofitting of existing transfer trolleys.


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