Becker Mining, a leading provider of custom-made, quality mining rope attachment, in a joint venture with verope mining, now offers the latest steel wire rope design suited for both drum and friction winders. Says Tom Searle of Capital, Becker Mining SA, “This advanced rope attachment system, which meets stringent quality and safety standards, is custom-designed to suit the specific winding requirements of each mine.”

The verodeep 8 is an eight-strand full steel rope, with an extruded plastic layer between the outer strands and the rope core. Compared with a conventional winder rope construction, the verodeep 8 has important benefits in performance and safety. The eight compacted outer strands provide a larger contact area in the sheave wheels and in the cross-over section on the multi-layer drum, which decreases the localised pressure and significantly increases wear resistance.


The full-steel rope construction, in conjunction with the plastic layer, ensures a stable rope structure for improved spooling behaviour for high-speed applications, as well as in high lateral-pressure multi-layer hoists. In addition, corkscrew deformation, or sunken strands, especially in deep winding operations, are significantly reduced. 

Apart from the support of the structural stability, the plastic layer also keeps the lubricant locked within the rope and prevents the infiltration of water, dust, or any other particles, which can impact the rope’s lifetime or cause internal corrosion and wear. The plastic layer prevents steel-to-steel contact between the single wires to avoid internal wire breaks. verodeep 8 also has plastic between the outer strands to prevent valley breaks between strands.

Core size

With an eight strand construction, the core size is bigger compared with a conventional winder rope construction. A rope core acts as a counterpart to the outer strands. The bigger the core, the better the balance within the rope, which improves rope safety, rope lifetime, and rotational behaviour. The greater number of single wires making up the verodeep 8 allows for more wire breaks before discard criteria of the rope is reached. 

Every system is fully supported by the highly-experienced Becker Mining and verope mining team, which is able to provide on the ground product support.

The verodeep 8 is an eight-strand full steel rope, with an extruded plastic layer between the outer strands and the rope core.

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