Lubricants for the off-highway sector must be able to withstand high African ambient temperatures and adhere to stringent Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) specifications. Fuchs Lubricants South Africa has risen to this challenge by providing products with extended drainage intervals and high-specification lubricants and greases to ensure optimal performance and equipment longevity.

Says MD Andy Weddell, “We are committed to sustainable and environment friendly lubrication solutions. Our Planto range of biodegradable lubricants showcases dedication to eco-friendly solutions. In addition, all products contribute to sustainability in the drainage by extending drainage intervals, reducing waste, and supporting renewable energy solutions in manufacturing.”

Latest developments

Latest developments in terms of energy-efficient lubricants for the off-highway sector include CK-4 engine oil (Titan Cargo 15W40) with a CAT ECF-3 specification, which contributes to additional wear protection. Another emerging trend is calcium sulphonate grease for extended grease intervals.

“In the lubrication business, especially in the off-highway sector, finding the perfect balance between wear protection, fuel consumption reduction, and product performance is essential. Fuchs takes all OEMs into consideration and holds IATF 16949 accreditation, which focuses on improved quality standards, particularly in the automotive sector,” Andy concludes. 

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