Superior Industries, a US-based manufacturer and global supplier of bulk material processing and handling systems, has announced the launch of version 14.0 of its TeleStacker Conveyor PilePro Automation programme. This latest edition brings significant enhancements to user interface and functionality.

Among the notable changes is the introduction of an updated touch screen boasting a higher resolution to enhance visibility in outdoor settings. Additionally, the screen’s protective housing has been fortified to withstand fluctuations in temperature more effectively, ensuring great performance in various conditions.


Also new, each screen is now loaded with an on-demand view of the owner’s manual. A PDF viewer provides screen-specific instructions from the owner’s manual for each step in the automation user experience. The upgraded technology applies to all new TeleStacker Conveyors effective March 1, 2024. 

The 52-year-old manufacturer supplies bulk crushing, washing, screening and conveying systems plus all related parts and services for industries like aggregates and mining.

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