The world’s largest capacity land based crane, the AL.SK350, has performed its inaugural lifts in Brazil, using its 4 000t winch system and high speed slew.

ALE is currently using the crane to lift and install approximately 40 modules, weighing up to 3 000t, onto the P-74 FPSO (Floating Production, Storage and Offloading) vessel in the south of Brazil.

The crane was selected by the client as, due to its large capacity, it was the only crane capable of installing the modules complete and without additional relocation of the ship’s hull. This has saved the client considerable construction time and money in the construction schedule.

The heaviest module on the project will weigh 3 000t, making it the heaviest commercial load ever lifted by a land based mobile crane.

Ronnie Adams, Senior Project Manager on site, comments, “The crane is performing well and exceeding expectations with its high slew speed, in combination with the 4 000t winch system. Despite challenges faced by the weather, we have successfully completed the first campaign ahead of schedule, recognising the engineering achievements this milestone brings.”

ALE, Sarah Maia,