Demag DIR represents the latest generation of infrared control systems for cranes.

The transmitters are available in two sizes for two-stage control, namely with six buttons (DIR 6) and ten buttons (DIR 10). Comparable with radio control systems, up to ten crane installations can be controlled in an enclosed area.

For multiple transmitter operation, switch-over between transmitters is monitored to ensure that the control system and crane are clearly assigned to each other. A high-contrast bi-colour display gives a clear overview of device and warning information.

This provides a high level of safety, enhanced further by an integrated vibration alarm and stop function (in accordance with Category 3, Performance Level ‘d’, EN 13849-1). Rechargeable batteries allow for a 30-hour operating period, with a single charge. The unit can be charged conveniently on an optional inductive charging station.

Control of the crane is also more convenient because the transmitter often does not need to be pointed at the sensor at distances of up to 15m. This is because the rays from the high-performance LEDs are reflected by the surroundings.

“This range of features makes the Demag DIR infrared control system not only suitable for the safe and reliable wireless control of industrial cranes, but it can also be used to control suspension monorails, transfer carriages and other materials-handling equipment,” says senior manager: sales and marketing, Richard Roughly.

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