Energy chains made of high-performance plastics are conquering more and more areas in the industry and increasingly replacing metallic options.

They score points with lower weight, zero maintenance and at the same time high strength, especially in areas where large cables and hoses are guided, such as in shipyards or on drilling platforms. These adverse conditions are the perfect home for E4.350, the largest plastic energy chain in the world.

The E4.350 energy chain was designed by motion plastics specialist, igus, for those industries where large cables and hoses must be protected, such as for heavy duty machinery or offshore applications such as ship cranes or drilling platforms. The high-performance plastic ensures that the e-chain is resistant to corrosion and insensitive to chemical and petrochemical influences as well as resistant to sunlight.

The material is self-lubricating and requires no grease or oil on the joints throughout its service life, even in very dirty environments, reducing the need for routine maintenance.

For unsupported lengths up to 6.5m and fill weights over 100kg/m, the energy chain provides excellent rigidity and very high load capacity.

Extensive testing showed that the E4.350 withstood tensile and breaking loads of well over 175,000 N without problems.

Igus, Oliver Cyrus,,