The African Trading Group is anticipating double growth figures for 2017. Bulk Handling Today chats to Group CEO, Leeann Strydom, who is extremely upbeat about the potential for this year.

“During 2016 we laid the groundwork for sustained growth by training and upskilling our staff in anticipation of our plans for 2017. Then at the end of 2016 we finalised the takeover of another group which is also in the maintenance and conveyor belt field. We took full ownership of its staff complement and all assets thus re-inforcing our branches,” says Leeann.

One such branch is ATS Belting Suppliers. This BEE 2 Level company is managed by Samuel Mazlbuko and Ebrahim Adams, who will be targeting businesses within South Africa.

The Botswana branch is also up and running with ten new employees, “This branch is geared towards catering for the diamond industry in Botswana,” Leeann explains. To increase their expansion plans in Botswana, the company also purchased new capital equipment in anticipation of its expansion within the neighbouring country.

Central Africa
ATS Belting Suppliers has strong ties with countries within Central Africa. This will allow the African Trading Group to expand its operations in this region.

“This company has particularly strong links in the Cameroon and Gabon. We now have a number of opportunities in this geographical region which we visited during December and we are optimistic about the growth in the region.” she adds.

East Africa
Not resting on its laurels within Mozambique, the company continues to make itself available to all future opportunities. Services offered by the company’s workshop in this region are also a real boon for African Trading and its customers. “Our footprint is established here which enables us to expand our overall operations. Our logistics pipeline is operating smoothly so we can tender for projects in the knowledge that we can now provide the relevant support and services throughout the whole of Mozambique if and when required.”

Driving forward
The company also took delivery of a customised specialised conveyor belt winding truck near the end of 2016. “This will assist us in both rolling and pulling conveyor belts at mining operations. Designed on an Isuzu body it has two hydraulic arms with the pull power able to handle up to 2.1 wide steel cord conveyor belts. The bulk winding machines are the perfect innovation for waste management and provides us with and environmentally friendly workplace.”

A promising 2017
Heading into 2017, the supply chain division further develops and supports a greater product range thus expanding and improving service networks underpinned by a comprehensive maintenance offering. “Current projects are running well and have been renewed following the project appraisals. At the same time we have expanded our bundle from conveyor belts to scrapers as well as specialising in Urethane coatings for conveyor belts.

“We are excited about the opening of our new branches and the continued expansion into the rest of Africa. As our footprint increases, clients can rest assured they will continue receiving the best service from us, as we partner with them in growing their business,” Leeann concludes.

African Trading Group