Oak Cliff Recycling has selected a Metso solution to maximise metal processing efficiency at the company’s wide-ranging recycling unit in Texas, USA. With Metso N Series Inclined Shear (NIS), the company is able to accelerate material processing of bulky, oversized scrap.
“Metso NIS has the design and ability to process difficult materials quickly and efficiently. Cutting cycle times are fast, and the design of the moving floor in getting the scrap metal to the blades removes the added time of folding and compressing in a box,” says Benjie Smith, owner, Oak Cliff Recycling.
The Metso NIS is a gravity feed shear that can accept long material and large bulky scrap, it is available with cutting forces from 600 to 1 250 tonnes. The self-contained and easy to install unit offers exceptional performance on heavy melt scrap, auto bodies, steel mill scrap, miscellaneous shapes, pipe, plate, shipbreaking, railcar, demolition scrap, aluminium, and stainless steel materials.
Metso, www.metso.com