High Power Equipment Africa (HPE Africa) has expanded its operation to include flexible finance and service options as well as an engineering, repair and maintenance facility.
“The recent launch of HPE’s ‘Perfect Fit’ finance campaign, which offers adaptable financial options, has been well received. ‘Perfect Fit’ finance campaign packages, offered through Standard Bank, include four core options, with various combinations of installment payment choices to suit each customer’s business needs. These flexible solutions provide a competitive advantage and increased value derived from the bank’s funding structures,” explains Alex Ackron, managing director, HPE Africa, Capital Equipment Group (CEG) of Invicta Holdings Limited.
In response to demand from industry for expedient parts supply and greater assistance with on-site repairs to minimise downtime, HPE has upgraded its spare parts delivery service, increased the field services fleet and extended its support service throughout South Africa.
Repairs and services include minor and major component replacement, as well as re-building and refurbishment of units. The company has established specialist divisions for engine repairs, hydraulics and boiler making, encompassing a bucket rebuild facility.
HPE Africa, Capital Equipment Group (CEG), Invicta Holdings Limited
Lani van der Watt, Tel (011) 397-4670
Email: lani.vdwatt@hpeafrica.co.za