Mark Baller, managing director of Weba Chute Systems, maintains that transfer points, by the very nature of their application, should be given the same level of importance as any other machinery in the minerals processing cycle.
Each Weba Chute System is custom designed for an application taking into account factors such as belt width, belt speed, material sizes and shape and throughput. When used on a new project, the result is the optimum design configuration for the application with the best belt cleaning arrangement and optimum selection of belt type and size. In addition, in this instance spillage can be completely eliminated.
Benefits include up to an 80% reduction in material degradation, greatly reduced levels of dust and noise, reduced production losses due to fewer blockages, significantly reduced spillage and vastly improved levels of safety.
Easy access is provided for inspection and maintenance purposes, and the system does not require ongoing supervision, again a saving in manpower and related costs.
The system uses a ‘supertube’ with a cascade scenario where 95% of the material runs on material at the same time.
This manner of controlling the material movement is taken a step further by designing the internal angle of the transfer chute to match the product with the belt speed and in so doing spillage is either completely eliminated or greatly reduced.
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