“We maintain our strong position in today’s highly competitive earthmoving sector through our reputation for reliable engines, a robust chassis structure, quality components that ensure extended service life and features for easy serviceability that reduce downtime,” says Chris Whitehead, managing director, DISA Equipment (Pty) Limited, trading as Doosan.

“What’s also critical to our success is the technical support and repair and maintenance service we offer our customer base throughout the country. Doosan equipment is also supported by extended warranties.

“Our commitment to meeting exact market requirements, includes the launch of new machines locally, which are designed to cope efficiently and safely in Africa’s tough conditions,” Chris explains.

The earthmoving equipment, which is manufactured in South Korea, encompasses track, wheel and mini excavators, articulated dump trucks (ADT’s), as well as wheel loaders and various attachments.

A leading machine in the range is the heavy duty Doosan DX225LCA hydraulic excavator series which is one of the biggest size class of equipment in South Africa. These excavators are known for improved fuel efficiency, enhanced productivity, minimal maintenance requirements and greater operator comfort.

African market
The DX225LCA series has notable design features especially for the African market, with advantages over other machines in the same size class of equipment.
These features include a reliable 6-cylinder water cooled engine that is optimised and electronically controlled to boost production, maximise fuel efficiency and ensure harmful emissions remain well below the values required for Tier II engines.
This machine boasts the most efficient fuel consumption of this size class of equipment, consuming less fuel for the same production.

Component life
A heavy duty boom and arm have increased material thickness which limits element fatigue, which increases reliability and extends component life. This series has a longer undercarriage than competitor machines. Although a shorter undercarriage reduces manufacturing costs, stability of these machines is compromised.

All welded structures of the Doosan undercarriage have been designed to limit stresses. The lateral chassis is welded and rigidly attached to the undercarriage.

Tracks locked by mechanically bolted pins, are composed of sealed, self-lubricating links, which are isolated from external contamination for dependability in all conditions. The hydraulic track adjuster has a shock absorbing tension mechanism.

The DX225LCA series has standard hydraulic piping for hammer applications and an improved H Class bucket. These machines are supported by Doosan with a 2 year/ 4 000 hour warranty.

The swing mechanism – an axial piston motor with a two stage planetary reduction gear – offers increased swing torque, at reduced swing times. The maximum swing speed is 11 rpm.
The 21,5 T operating weight of these excavators is enhanced by new specifications that include a 0,92m³ bucket capacity, a digging depth of
5 755mm, a digging reach of 8 950mm and a digging height of 9 750mm.

Communication link
For optimum control, the e-POS system (Electronic Power Optimising System) provides a perfect synchronised communication link between the engine’s electronic control unit and the hydraulic system. A controller area network system facilitates a constant flow of information between the engine and hydraulic system, ensuring power is delivered exactly as it is needed.

Tests show that these machines have the industry’s best traction force, for their machine weight, working on a slope or on tough ground conditions.
This hydraulic system enables independent or combined operations. Two travel speeds offer either increased torque or high speed tracking and an auto deceleration system and cross sensing pump ensure fuel savings.

The conveniently positioned multi-function colour LCD monitor panel has standard features for simple control and efficient operation. These controls include mode selection, precise flow rate regulation, auto deceleration and display selection.

Maintenance and oil change intervals can be displayed, a self-diagnosis function allows technical problems to be quickly resolved and an operational memory provides a graphic display of the machine’s status.

Levelling operations, movement of lifted loads and tricky manoeuvres are all controlled easily and precisely with control levers. Buttons integrated on the levers are used to operate additional equipment, like grabs, crushers and grippers.

DX225LCA excavators are used in diverse industries, including construction, mining and quarrying, marine, civil engineering and forestry. The company offers a national technical advisory, maintenance and support service through its branches in Johannesburg, Durban and Wolmaransstad and dealers in East London, Port Elizabeth, Cape Town, Middelburg, Kimberley, Rustenburg and Bloemfontein.

Doosan, Chris Whitehead, Tel: (011) 974-2095
Email: chrisw@doosan.co.za, www.doosan.co.za