A local firm operates a fleet of cranes that offers the necessary depth and range of cranes, but it is the heavy lift capability that really sets the company apart from other crane hire operators.
Operating the largest heavy lift fleet of cranes in sub-Saharan Africa, Johnson Crane Hire is able to undertake complex heavy lift assignments with ease.
Steve Robson, executive business development at the company, is quick to point out that this is not just because of its enormous investment in a fleet of cranes but also because of the depth of resources underpinning its service offering.
For example, operators are also a critical aspect of a heavy lift success, and the company has a core of specially trained and highly skilled operators, the majority of whom are experienced at operating in other countries.
What needs to be appreciated is that a heavy lift operation is an extensive project and can take anywhere up to 60 days or more. A competent technical team is despatched on each lift project. Depending on the time frame and the actual location the level of support may differ.
“For example, if a very complicated lift that is being done in a remote area over an extended period the support team would include technical maintenance staff, project management, operators and relief operators, ground crew and equipment,” Steve concludes.
Johnson Crane Hire has conducted successful heavy lift projects in Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Lesotho and DRC in the past, and each package was tailored to the specific requirement to ensure its success.
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