Reflux Classifier (RC) technology is rapidly gaining popularity in coal processing applications in Africa, because of its ability to easily handle varying feed conditions which are a reality in mining operations.
Traditional technology cannot accommodate these feed variations resulting in recovery losses whereas the RC is a lot more forgiving of solids feed rate variations. This allows a consistent separation and, as a result, a higher separation efficiency.
FLSmidth has an installed base of RC technology in coal applications in the Waterberg and in Mozambique.
The first four RC 3000 units sold in this region are the largest in the FLSmidth range and were among the first such units to be sold globally.
Each of these units, now installed and commissioned, is capable of treating approximately 20tph of raw fine coal.
Minimal operator input is necessary because only one operational control is required; the density set-point controlling the cut point. This equipment also offers an indirect environmental benefit, since far less steel is required for the equipment and therefore lower carbon emissions are associated with the installation.
FLSmidth offers commercial units from the RC 850 (850mm diameter, 18 to 20tph), up to the RC 3000 (3m diameter, 200 to 250tph), with actual unit capacities related to the feed material and the feed material sizing.
The product is delivered as a packaged solution, which includes all auxiliary equipment, support steelwork and piping, materials handling equipment and electrical reticulation.

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