Smith Power Equipment (SPE) recently announced the arrival of the Kubota KX080-3S Super Series 8-ton excavator.

Ideal for tough construction projects that require high power and performance in confined spaces, the excavator can do just about anything that larger conventional machines can do.
Due to its tight tail design and shorter rear overhang, the machine has improved stability, is equipped to handle a wider range of loads and can function comfortably in far more restricted spaces than traditional tail swing excavators.

The auto idle system helps save up to 10% on fuel, prompting the engine to idle automatically when it senses the control levers in neutral for longer than four seconds. The engine immediately re-engages if the control levers are moved. This feature aids in noise reduction, exhaust emissions and overall operating costs.

The 3-pump hydraulic system is a load-sensing system that makes use of three independent pumps for boom, arm and swivel for more efficient bucket operation. The high capacity control valve and hydraulic variable pumps enable high performance shoveling and loading.
The machine’s unique function of oil flow control enables the user to control the oil flow in line with the requirements, including those of the specific attachments in use.

The auto-shift function allows the system to automatically downshift for more torque, and fitted with Kubota’s unique anti-drop valve, accidental lowering of the boom is prevented.
The triple-opening bonnet makes for easy inspection and access to the hydraulic components under the centre hood or the battery, oil filter and tool box under the right hood.

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