Powermite supplies cable reeling systems and accessories to a wide spectrum of Southern African industries.

“Our cable reeling systems deliver numerous cost and time saving benefits for end-users,” says Powermite marketing director, Donovan Marks. “Their rugged design ensures reliable operation for optimised uptime and productivity. Manufactured in a variety of materials including painted steel, stainless steel and hot dip galvanised surfaces, the cable reeling equipment is suitable for a wide range of indoor and outdoor applications.

“By utilising the anti-runback bearing/braking resistive-based drive systems, Powermite achieves tremendous success with system reliability. Our systems continue to operate over several years in extremely dusty and corrosive environments.”

The greased-for-life bearings ensure a maintenance-free cable reeling solution, with no stoppages for maintenance and no maintenance costs.

These systems can be applied to low speeds (5m/min) or high speeds (120m/min) over distances ranging from 1m to over a 1 000m and the length can be increased or decreased to meet end-users’ requirements.

VSD technology enables all the drives to provide a constant torque to keep the correct tension at all times, which is crucial to preventing damage by protecting the cable and keeping it out of harm’s way during winding and un-winding functions.

Powermite’s materials handling division also supplies a comprehensive range of cable reeling system accessories that include one- and two-way guiding devices with optional slack cable, over tension and position detection systems, anchoring drums (with/without connection boxes), connection boxes for LT/MV power, control and fibre optics cable and slicing kits, end limit switches, cable sleeves and shock absorber springs.

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