Techmatic is a specialised supplier of turnkey systems for the processing and conveying of bulk powder and granules. As the company can design, manufacture and install both mechanical and pneumatic conveyors, the client is assured of the most cost effective and suitable system for the application.

Some competitors will push their systems because they are only able to offer either mechanical or pneumatic conveyors, not both. In this case the type of system offered may not be the ideal solution for the application.

In close association with clients, Techmatic is able to offer highly customised solutions and equipment to address specific customer problems and requirements.

The company’s Johannesburg factory is equipped with a pneumatic conveying test rig. Positive pressure and vacuum lean phase conveying as well as dense conveying can be tested under full scale conditions. The rig is used to provide experience in conveying products that may prove difficult in certain circumstances. It also provides peace of mind for customers who would like a concept proven in a working environment.

The rig forms an intricate part of product development such as the pneumatic flap valve, the Vaculoader and the recently-launched long-distance dense phase cement conveyor for mines.

In addition to pneumatic conveyors, the full spectrum of mechanical conveyors is offered including screw conveyors, bucket elevators, chain conveyors, belt conveyors and vibratory feeders. These are selected according to customer applications and a big factor in the selection is the capital cost of the system as well as lifecycle and maintenance costs. 90% of the equipment is designed and manufactured in-house.

Any issues on site (for example first-hand feedback during commissioning and maintenance on issues such as component accessibility) are addressed immediately by the design office and where required, modifications can be made without having to deal with sub-suppliers or invalidating guarantees.

Any positive modifications are carried over to the standard equipment as an ongoing drive to improve maintainability and durability of the equipment.
Often a combination of pneumatic and mechanical conveyors are used as a process solution.

In addition to mechanical conveyors, the full spectrum of pneumatic conveyors is offered that use air or inert gas to transport material down a pipeline. The type of conveyor is selected on the basis of suitability for an application as well as cost-effectiveness both in initial capital layout and running costs.

The conveyors include positive pressure and vacuum conveyors running in lean phase mode as well as positive pressure dense phase conveyors.

Lean phase systems (low material to air ratios, conveying pressures below 60kPa) are generally cost effective for lower feed rates and shorter distances (<15 t/hr and up to 150m distance) whereas dense phase conveyors (high material to air ratios, conveying pressures up to 6 bar) become cost effective at higher feed rates and longer distances (> 15 t/hr and distances greater than 150m).

Where poisonous material is to be conveyed, lean phase vacuum conveying ensures that there is no material leakage to atmosphere in the event of bend or pipe wear.

Closed loop
Potentially explosive, flammable or hygroscopic materials can be conveyed in closed loop systems running on nitrogen instead of air as the carrier gas.
“Our designs are based on over 29 years of hands-on practical field experience in bulk solids materials handling. Problems experienced in the field are constantly fed back to the projects equipment manufacturing division. Design and processing methods are constantly updated and refined,” says Helga van Lochem of Techmatic.

“We can supply standalone equipment and machinery or complete turnkey systems. If you are handling bulk solids in your factory you should be talking to us. We have products and systems to suit most applications from conveying and dust control to storage and processing.

Our experience
“We have built many different systems for a wide variety of products such as flour, sugar, cement, lead oxide, iron oxide, calcium carbonate, lime, wheat, plastics and many others. Some of the largest companies in the country trust us with their systems time after time which is an indication of our commitment to service excellence,” Helga concludes.

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