The largest in a new line of topless cranes is well suited to crowded construction sites where space is tight and multiple cranes are needed. Like other topless cranes it has been designed to allow more cranes to over swing in a smaller area.

Quentin van Breda, managing director of SA French, the sub-Saharan distributor for Potain tower cranes, says there are a host of features which make their Potain MDT cranes stand out from the competition.
The complete range, including the MDT 249, MDT 259, MDT 269, MDT 319 and the MDT 389, is equipped with Manitowoc’s Crane Control System, or CCS. CCS is a standardised, user-friendly operating system that is being rolled out on all new Potain tower cranes.

“CCS assists users to enjoy the highest levels of comfort, flexibility, ergonomic control and, most importantly, improved lifting capacity. The enhanced productivity achieved as a result translates into a faster return on investment for crane owners,” says Quentin.
In addition to having a fresh and modern design that allows for ultra-fast ground preparation and assembly, the range easily beats the competition when it comes to transportation.
For example, the turntable, cab mast and Ultra View cab travel in a single compact package, while the counter jib can be folded and the winch platform can be sized to take up less space. Another advantage is that the mechanisms are grouped in a central technical zone for easier access and maintenance.
As part of its standard features, the MDT 389 is equipped with Manitowoc’s CraneStar, a GSM data transfer system that provides information on crane location and operation to support fleet management.

High capacity model
There are two versions of the Potain 389, one with a 12t maximum capacity and the other with a 16t maximum capacity. Both versions have up to 75 metre (m) of jib available. The 12t version can lift 3.4t at its jib end, while the 16t version can handle 3.3t.
Potain also offers a smaller range of CCS equipped cranes, the MDT City line, which includes the MDT 219. Other cranes in the range are the MDT 109, MDT 139 and MDT 189.
Like the MDT 389, the MDT 219 is the highest capacity model in its range. There are two versions of the 219, one with an 8t maximum capacity and one with a 10t maximum capacity. All are evolutions of previous Potain MDT city cranes with jib lengths ranging from 55m to 65m and hoisting capacities ranging from 6 t to 10t.

Greater precision
Quentin says the incorporation of CCS into their new range of topless city cranes helps contractors to get work done faster and with greater precision. “Aside from the enhanced levels of comfort and ergonomic control, this technology delivers more precise control in positioning loads as well as increased capacity,” he says.
In fact, for the 219, the inclusion of CCS gives the crane a load chart advantage of up to 12.5% over the MDT 218 A, the equivalent pre-CCS topless city crane from Potain.
These cranes can be engineered to incorporate one of two new crane operator elevator solutions which provide fast and efficient transportation for the operator to, and from the cab. Both systems comply with the highest levels of regulation as well.

Slender design
One of the solutions, CabLift, exclusive to Potain cranes, has a slender design allowing it to fit inside all K-mast systems. It comes in three widths, 1.6m, 2.0m and 2.45m. It is also compatible with all tower crane bases, fixing angles, chassis and cross-shaped bases. CabLift’s intelligent design includes a service platform above the main car that provides comfortable access and safety for the erection technicians during the mast assembly process and crane erection.
The other operator elevator solution is TCL, an externally-mounted system.

SA French, Quentin van Breda
Tel: (011) 822-8782