As Africa’s mines work to hold down costs and extract more value from their assets, modern high efficiency motors from Zest WEG Group are helping to cut energy bills and maintenance.

Almost two-thirds of the power consumed by the mining sector is associated with electric motors, so these items of equipment are important for mines to look at when demanding savings, according to Zest WEG’s Group African business development executive, Edson Cristofolini.

“Where an old 55 kW motor is operating 24 hours a day and seven days a week, we estimate that a mine can save over 20 MW a year by replacing it with a new WEG Top Premium Efficiency IE3 motor,” says Edson

These savings add up when considering how many motors are operational on a large mine, he adds. Apart from reducing energy consumption, the WEG IE3 motors also contribute to mine profitability through their long life, low maintenance and reliability.

“Repairs and replacements are especially costly and time consuming for mines in remote locations, so these motors are designed to operate reliably under harsh operating conditions. An important aspect of the design in the WEG Top Premium Efficiency IE3 range, for instance, is the Class H Insulation with class B temperature rise.”

This provides a buffer of 60°C between the motor windings average operating temperature and the actual motor insulation capability, protecting the motor where quality of power varies or where ambient temperatures are very high.

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