It is a pleasure to report back on yet another very successful event that was on the CMA calendar in June.  This was the CMA/SAIMH Joint Forum held on 22 June at the Brelko Training Centre at their premises in Booysens, Johannesburg.

The format of the Joint Forum changed from a single presentation to a four-paper half-day conference. The presentations were

All the presentations were interesting and informative, but the pictorial evidence for some of the things that the Engineer’s Handbook doesn’t tell you in Bruce Watts’ presentation caused much hilarity! The feedback from delegates attending is very positive with most appreciating the change in venue and all enthusiastic about the spread of topics.

Although the half-day conference idea is to condense quarterly meetings to just a single annual event, most delegates would like to see the Joint Forum in the new format held more often than that.

Jay Pillay