In the second order in 2017 from the same client 600SA has supplied three Fassi heavy duty knuckle-boom cranes to Jacobs Transport, a specialised transport and equipment company, for deployment in special lifting to transportation applications throughout South Africa.
The machine supply contract comprised a Fassi F660RA.2.25 loader crane and two Fassi F485RA.2.23 truck mounted cranes, supplied on an outright purchase basis. The F660RA.2.25 loader crane has a reach of up to nearly 31m, while the F485RA.2.23 truck-mounted crane has a maximum reach of approximately 29m.
In the first order in 2017, Jacobs Transport purchased a Fassi F335A.2.22 medium duty crane.
One of 600SA’s suite of best-in-class brands, the Fassi cranes are renowned for their dynamic lifting capability, combining exceptional lifting performance with a machine body that reduces structural dimensions to a minimum and aims at limiting tare weight.
This is made possible through the use of special materials, such as the extremely high elasticity steels which, while they ensure formidable levels of resistance, also make it possible to optimise weight.
600SA, Clive Forrester