Although transfer points potentially contribute to some of the highest maintenance costs on a mine, engineers seldom view transfer systems as a critical element of the minerals processing system.
So, says Mark Baller, managing director of Weba Chute Systems, who maintains that transfer points, by the very nature of their application, should be viewed with the same level of importance as any other machinery in the minerals processing cycle.
“The uncontrolled discharge of bulk materials through conventional chutes has a history of escalated maintenance and replacement costs, not least of which can be attributed to excessive wear and other related problems,” says Mark. All of this adds up to unnecessary expenditure and a headache for the engineers concerned.
“Numerous successful installations of Weba Chute Systems have proved that the correct use of our streamlined, scientific approach to the dynamics of bulk materials handling greatly reduces the problems associated with conventional transfer chutes and results in significant cost savings,” he concludes.

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