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Fenner encompasses shaft mounted speed reducers (SMSRs), transmission belts, pulleys and accessories, as well as shaft fixings, chain drives and couplings.
“BMG takes great pride in supplying highly acclaimed Fenner products, which are enhanced by Fenner’s global pledge to quality assurance, dating back over 150 years,” says Mark Barbour, BMG Business Unit Manager: ElectroMechanical. “This commitment guarantees that the quality of the products always meets exacting, agreed and internationally recognised industry standards.”
He continues, “Key components in our Fenner range are highly flexible SMSRs that provide an efficient method of reducing speed in diverse applications, including conveyors, mixers and mills, as well as cranes and hoists.
“The SMSRs, which have a smaller inventory of parts than conventional models, ensure a good power/weight ratio within compact dimensions,” Mark explains. “Benefits over other drive systems include simplicity, minimal spares requirements, ease at which you can change the speed, ideal backstop position and the use of standard motors.”

Latest range
The latest series – the PowerPlus range – offers a 50% increase in power to weight ratio over previous versions and is capable of handling powers between 0,25kW and 250kW. These units have a more compact design for easier handling and a wider range of bore sizes – from 20mm to 190mm.
The Taper-Grip bush locking system transmits 300% more torque and accommodates shaft tolerance to h11. This locking system allows the SMSR to be mounted directly on the driven shaft, instead of requiring foundations of its own, and eliminates the need for flexible couplings and external belt take-up arrangements.
The system also simplifies installation and removal of the gearbox and enables the transmission of gear unit loads without a key. This fully interchangeable unit is resistant to fretting corrosion and has a significantly improved shaft grip.

Easy adjustment
A torque arm anchors the reducer and provides quick, easy adjustment of the wedge belt by means of its turnbuckle. This motor mounting assembly accommodates different motor frame sizes and provides full adjustment of drives centres, ensuring a standard belt can be fitted and easily re-tensioned as required. A motor mount that automatically adjusts the belt tension is also available.
BMG is uniquely positioned to meet the exact gear drive and motor requirements of contractors, designers and the end-user in diverse industries. A team of highly skilled technicians offers a technical advisory and support solution service, and a substantial stockholding ensures a quick and efficient delivery throughout the Southern African region.

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