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New Agreement Expands Hitachi Construction Machinery’s Remote Construction
Machinery Management Business and Grows Iridium’s Heavy Equipment Partner Network.
Iridium Communication has announced a new long-term agreement, which brings the truly global coverage and reliability of their network to Hitachi Construction Machinery Co. By integrating Iridium connectivity, Hitachi will now be able to expand to regions and markets previously not possible.
Hitachi’s Global e-Service construction machinery management system provides customers with robust maintenance information to help companies control CO2 emissions, minimise idling times and monitor fuel consumption. Through this new agreement, e-Service customers will be able to easily access and transfer critical data, which conveys key operational information including, but not limited to, daily operation hours, temperatures and pressures, says Toru Kurenuma of Hitachi, adding, “Iridium’s network will afford us a new level of global connectivity that will help us grow our telematics business and expand our worldwide footprint.”

Moving satellites
Their network is uniquely qualified for mobile telematics and serving the Internet of Things (IoT) beyond the reach of terrestrial networks, due to the inherent advantages it boasts. Iridium operates the only 100-percent global network comprised of interconnected LEO satellites. Due to its proximity to earth in LEO, Iridium’s network delivers low-latency and reliable connectivity supporting critical business functions, like remote asset tracking, vehicle management and preventative maintenance.
With constantly moving satellites that can communicate with each other, end-users have access to enhanced reliability and connectivity, even in the most remote locations.
To date, Iridium IoT services are used by eight of the top 20 original heavy equipment manufacturers, and includes five of the top 10. As the satellite IoT market continues to grow through the increased adoption of satellite-enabled telematics solutions, the need for global and reliable solutions will increase, further establishing the company’s position as a leader in this space.

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