Tapered Roller Bearings

In today’s industrial world, customers need solutions that are robust enough to withstand the toughest challenges and the most testing environments while meeting ever growing demands. In addition, these solutions must work harder, longer and safer for improved uptime and subsequently greater productivity and efficiency.
SKF is committed to gaining a deeper understanding of all these challenges and has focused on engaging with key customer groups to determine their individual requirements.
Customers provided feedback, the company listens and responds by developing and enhancing their product and system solutions to ensure that customer demands are met.

Overcoming challenges
SKF Explorer tapered roller bearings present a perfect example of one such solution. Customer engagement has resulted in the development of an innovative, practical and uniquely designed bearing that is capable of overcoming a vast range of challenges. The SKF Explorer caters to all customer needs and is customisable for specific requirements.
The bearing’s design features and manufacturing process reduce early failure and set the standard for high reliability. These dependable Explorer tapered roller bearings support heavy loads and improve execution during heavy-duty applications and in difficult conditions. The bearings have achieved the top spot for dynamic load ratings by up to 23%. Improved performance is attributed to low friction torque, noise and vibration and increased speed and running accuracy.

Customer feedback on other SKF product offerings has resulted in the following developments and enhancements:
• Gearboxes include capabilities to support higher loads, withstand rugged conditions, resist
contamination, enable easier mounting while maintaining the clearance pre-load and ensure an extended
life span.
• Pinions and fluid pumps are able to handle inadequate lubrication, achieve increased speeds
with lower friction, support heavy loads, maintain high stiffness under preload as well as offer low
friction during running-in.
• Truck and trailer wheels are designed to provide reliable lubricant film formation in the rolling
contacts, manage misalignment and cornering load, perform productively at low/medium speeds with
varying loads.
SKF is represented in more than 130 countries and has around 17 000 distributor locations worldwide.

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