Government applications

MST backhoe loaders have been recognised as the most suitable machines for demanding work at all levels of government including municipalities.
According to Desmond van Heerden of ELB Equipment, distributor of MST backhoe loaders in South Africa, the multipurpose capabilities of the MST backhoe loader combined with its high specification level, durability and national support network has contributed towards the popularity of the machine in the private sector and, more recently, its capabilities have boosted it to the front of the queue on the government’s national tender process.
Having passed all the criteria for suitability, durability, pricing and local support with flying colours, the MST backhoe loader is now establishing itself as the defacto machine across all tiers of government. The reasons for its popularity are easy to see when looking at its value offering in the 8-ton and above machine range, plug-and-play hydraulics for accessories such as hammers, multi-purpose buckets, augers and more, as well as a full array of easy to use features – including a fully automatic transmission.
“It is big and powerful enough to be used on road projects, trenches, land clearing operations, excavations, cleaning operations and almost any other type of work that our government departments and municipalities may need. Simultaneously, it is simple enough to be serviced and maintained internally if need be and offers a level of sophistication usually associated with considerably more expensive top-tier machines,” says Desmond.
“Yet, despite its high specification levels and heavyweight capabilities, the MST is priced among smaller, less well-equipped mid-tier machines. Furthermore, it is distributed and supported by our heavyweight South African supplier network, which means it can be procured, serviced and maintained properly across all corners of the country.”

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