Precision Measurement

Millimeters can make all the difference when it comes to the stability of cranes and lifting platforms. When safety is jeopardized, cranes can tilt or even topple over. If loads are lifted unevenly, this can result in strain and damage.
What is needed is easily integrated measurement solutions with a good price-performance ratio and first-class product quality.
Siko has solved this task by developing the SG 30 wire-actuated encoder with its extremely compact yet robust design and wide range of applications. Instrotech is offering Siko’s innovative wire-actuated encoders for a wide spectrum of applications with measurement lengths ranging from 600 millimetres to 40 metres.
The functional principle of the wire-actuated encoders is fairly simple. A measurement wire is wound onto a drum, when the wire is pulled out, it causes the drum to rotate. A sensor connected to the drum axle records this rotation and generates a measurement signal proportional to the wire movement of the drum, which indicates the position.
When extending crane arms, exact position detection of the supports is essential in order to prevent the crane or truck from tilting or toppling over. This is done by measuring the current values of the extended supports and comparing them directly with the length of the extended crane arm. This means that complete extension of the crane arm is only possible if the supports are also extended to the maximum width.
Wire-actuated encoders are not only used for cranes operating at great heights. Optimum precision is also needed when extra-long loads have to be lifted. Wire-actuated encoders ensure even lifting e,g, of trains, underground trains or trams using a lifting platform.
Another unique feature of the SG 30 is its wide range of working-temperatures, which enables it to be used from minus 40 to plus 80 degrees Celsius. Four lockable aeration holes are integrated to avoid condensation. The wire outlet has a special protective seal. The wire pullout is flexible, so that 100% alignment with the extension direction of the outlet is not absolutely necessary.
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