Lubrication Pinion

SKF is offering its Lincoln lubrication pinion LP2 for open gear wheels and gear racks.
Complementing its existing lubrication pinion line, the reliable LP2 features a modular design and the capability to lubricate fast-rotating applications up to 80 r/min.
As the lubrication pinion LP2 does not require pressurised air, there is no spray mist to contaminate the environment. Also, higher-viscosity lubricants, such as NLGI grade 2 grease, can be applied. When compared with manual lubrication, use of LP2 pinions provides better quality lubrication and reduces costs, labour and the risk of accidents.
The modular design enables customers to configure the lubrication pinion to meet specific application requirements. The LP2 is suitable for wind, mining, construction, marine and material handling applications, as well as slewing or pitch bearings.