Collaboration is key

Having an in-house Projects Department to focus on the specific requirements of project houses, OEMs, and other tender-related project activity, is starting to bear fruit for drive and automation specialist SEW-Eurodrive South Africa, which has clinched a major order for five M-Series industrial gear units for a mining operation in West Africa.
The Projects Department, headed up by Andreas Meid, oversaw this entire project from receipt of the initial order to successful installation and commissioning at the mine, in addition to any back-up service and technical assistance required.
It is this capability to offer complete solutions packages, as opposed to standalone products, in addition to the necessary aftermarket support, that has resulted in SEW’s Projects Department showing consistent growth year-on-year. “We pride ourselves on our on-time delivery in particular, which is a clear differentiator for us in a highly competitive market,” Andreas comments
The Projects Department also has a drawing office, and a mechanical engineer to compile any calculations that are needed. It focuses mainly on Greenfield projects related to conveyors, agitators, and mixers in mineral-processing applications.
“Based on the enquiries received, we work in conjunction with the specific project house or OEM to offer a complete solution for their mining clients. In other words, our products essentially allow them to complete their portion of the work in hand,” Andreas explains.
Such collaboration between suppliers and related companies is a growing trend in response to a tough business environment, and clients’ need to reduce costs by installing the latest technology.
“We specialise in integrated solutions. A lot of clients tend to regard SEW solely as a gear unit supplier, but we offer a host of ancillary services that can add significant value, reduce risk and downtime, and improve efficiency,” Andreas concludes.