Having taken delivery of the very first Guzzler vacuum truck in the country some five years ago, a coal export terminal has purchased the second unit from Goscor Cleaning Equipment, the sole supplier of the Guzzler brand in South Africa.

Five years ago, a local South African coal export terminal bought its first Guzzler vacuum truck from local sole supplier, Goscor Cleaning Equipment (GCE). Having experienced the benefits of this premium vacuum truck, the company has since taken delivery of its second unit, which also becomes the second unit ever to be sold in South Africa.

Gregory Venter, MD of GCE, explains that the unit will be deployed to remove spillages from coal chutes and around the facility, as well as for sludge removal from the pits. “The client has an existing unit and, having had a great experience running it for the past five years, requested the exact same unit to match the performance of the existing one,” says Gregory.

“The pits where they vacuum spillages from are about 10m deep, and the vacuum performance of the Guzzler ensures that they are able to clear up the spillages timeously and efficiently.”

In line with the client’s requirements, GCE had to ensure that the supplied unit was corrosive-proof due to the environment and the corrosive nature of the product recovered on site. “We also had to reinforce the boom to be able to handle the weight and volume the client would be vacuuming from the deep pits,” Gregory concludes.

Guzzler vac trucks are designed to vacuum a full spectrum of materials, from solids and dry bulk powders, to liquids, slurries and thick sludge, across industrial areas such as coal terminals, cement plants, steel mills, railroads, oil refineries, chemical plants, foundries and power stations, among others. One of the key talking points on the supplied unit is the effective dust control capability offered by the 4-cyclone system.

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