Kill the vibration before it kills you

A tamper-proof vibration-warning indicator paste that can improve safety
and reduce inspection time across a number of industries is now available
from Bearings International (BI).

Applications for Dykem Cross-Check Torque Seal range from haul trucks to
head gaskets in vehicles, gearboxes, and even conveyor belts. BI Product Manager Richard Lundgren explains, “When a piece of equipment vibrates,
whether it be a car, airplane, crane, or water supply pump, there is always
the chance that the torque of any nuts and bolts may loosen.

“With Dykem Cross-Check Torque Seal, the artisan literally draws a line of the paste from the bolt head and along the threads of the screw, once perfect torque has been achieved. At the next inspection, the artisan checks to see if the brightly-coloured mark is still in alignment. If not, action can be taken there and then on that specific bolt, instead of having to retighten all of the bolts, thereby speeding up the process dramatically and reducing the possibility of any loose bolts being missed.”

The indicator paste is supplied in a tube, and comprises a gel-like substance.
This is dry to the touch in one to two hours, and fully cured in 24 hours.

Bearing International, Richard Lundgren
Tel: (011) 899-0000