Not your average crane

JCH Platforms has extended its crane hire portfolio with the addition of units ranging from 12 to 28 metres and the ability to lift from two up to nine tons.

Each crane has its own design and unique capabilities, facilitating use by
customers in varying applications. “One of our more popular smaller units
is the ManGo 12 access platform, with a working height of 12 metres,” says Ramona van Rensburg, sales representative at JCH Platforms. “Unlike most
access platforms, this unit is designed with the same access capability as a scissor lift, making it a lightweight machine for both construction and industrial markets but with the advantage of an articulated boom to overcome any vertical restrictions that a standard scissor lift would have.”

Some of the improved safety measures that come from the Manitou range include galvanised steel baskets making them less likely to corrode and profiled mesh floors for better traction and safety. The hydraulic pump on the machine is fitted with a retraction pump that absorbs any residual oil in
the system providing a much smoother operational experience. The Safe Man System (SMS) protects operators by minimising the risk of crushing.

Another popular range is the ATJ line of access platforms which includes the 180ATJ with an 18 metre reach, the 200ATJ with 20 metre reach and the
280TJ reaching 28 metres with an access platform with a 4 metre telescopic jib that redefines the up-and-over capabilities of this type of machine.

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