Automatic milling tracking

Wirtgen has developed the Wirtgen Performance tracker that makes it possible to accurately and reliably document actual completed milling work.

It is not uncommon for milling contractors to have to mill more than is
specified in the RFP when carrying out a rehabilitation project. But how can the contractor bill the client on the basis of a transparent calculation when this occurs? Up until now, this usually
involved calling in a surveying technician.

The result are additional costs and delays in completing the project. The Wirtgen PERFORMANCE TRACKER uses a laser scanner to measure the cross-sectional profile to be milled. Surface milling performance and milling volume are then precisely measured using GPS positioning and other sensors.

The machine operator can continuously track the most important information in real time on the control panel’s display. After completing the milling work, a report with all of the relevant performance and consumption data is generated automatically in Excel and PDF format and sent to the machine operator by e-mail.

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