African solutions for African challenges

Pilot Crushtec International, a supplier of quarrying and mining equipment, has added the DoppiaTrac DR400 track mounted, self-driven, feeding, crushing and stockpiling machine for medium to hard bituminous coal crushing applications.

The concept for the DoppiaTrac was born, from a client requirement to which there was no ready solution.

“We were called out to a client, who gets paid per ton for processing coal, who needed a mobile crusher,” explains Jorge Abelho, Technical Director at Pilot Crushtec. “He had experimented with various solutions, but nothing quite solved the problem.”

“It was with this in mind that we decided to start from scratch, conceptualise, design, and build our own fully mobile rollcrusher and the DoppiaTrac was born. It is a fully mobile machine that you can get onto site and be up and running within 30 minutes.

“We understand that this unit is mobile and needs to be moved often, and easily. Therefore we found the best possible engine to run the rig, which is reliable, fuel efficient, and easily maintained. Finally, we simplified the operation as much as possible meaning that we don’t have a programmable logic controller (PLC), and buttons are kept to a minimum.

This machine is specifically built to survive the rigors of the African environment where sites are remote, conditions are harsh, and work is hard.”

Pilot Crushtec
Jorge Abelho
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