Saving screens with high-quality motors

Harsh operating conditions on vibrating screens demand high quality engineering and the strictest tolerances for unbalanced motors and gearboxes, or they simply do not last.
Kenny Mayhew-Ridgers, chief operating officer at Kwatani says, “We design our own motors with local conditions in mind, giving the customer a high performance and long lasting product.”
This includes optimal sealing arrangements for keeping electrical components dry and clean. The design must consider various orientations of the motor, depending on the angle of installation.
Dusty conditions on mines also present a challenge.
“Dust ingress can compromise the sealing configuration of the lid,” he says. “Our design is therefore like a top-hat, so the O-ring is not on a flat surface but rather on a cylindrical, vertical surface.”
He also highlights the massive centripetal forces that are exerted on the screening machine by the unbalanced motor and gearbox. This makes it vital to secure them well to the screen.
“To achieve this, we specify our own fabricated bolts, nuts and washers,” he says. “If sub-standard fasteners are used, components can come loose and cause extensive damage,” concludes Kenny.
Kwatani, Kenny Mayhew-Ridgers, Tel: (011) 923-9000