Two Technologies in One

FLSmidth has released two products that advance flotation recovery. The mixedRow Flotation System, which combines the best attributes of two technologies to create next-level results is now ready to hit the market along with a new froth recovery upgrade package.
Flotation systems are a vital technology in minerals processing and extraction. But despite their overall effectiveness, particles of valuable ore still get disposed of along with waste material. Additionally, the energy consumption that flotation systems require to function effectively
is high. So while flotation systems are necessary when recovering ore, making them more sustainable and energy-efficient has been a challenge.
Improve and innovate
FLSmidth’s desire to improve and innovate has
led to the development of the mixedRow Flotation System. It is a design that combines two machines, namely nextStep forced air and Wemco
self-aspirating technologies. It provides the solutions to challenges presented by older flotation systems by combining these two cells to produce a system that is much more than the sum of their
individual parts.
Features and capabilities
The mixedRow Flotation System is the first of its
kind, as it exploits the characteristics of two separate technologies at the same time. The nextStep machines are placed at the beginning of the row,
where they can recover coarse material using the least amount of energy possible. Because of this positioning, the mixedRow lowers energy consumption by between 15-40%, and increases recovery by up to 5%.
The Wemco machines are placed at the end of the row, which increases both coarse and fine particle recovery, as they are capable of treating a wide range of particle sizes. The elevated rotor position within the machine also reduced energy consumption, as the froth only has a short distance to travel.
mixedRow also has the lowest head loss on the market, as its carefully engineered system of dart valves allows for efficient transfer of slurry from one tank to another without significant losses.
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