New Plant in Kitwe

Cummins Zambia has completed a coolant plant project in Kitwe on the Copperbelt that received approval from the Zambia Environmental Management Agency (ZEMA) in 2019. The ‘plug-and-play’ plant will produce two types of coolant, namely ES compleat Hybrid (Blue) and ES compleat OAT (Red). PLC-driven and automated, the plant has the capability to carry out batch correction.

It has a blending capacity of around 1 600 litres over two hours, including quality testing. The system has two 2 500 litre product tanks for
product storage.
Originally planned to be completed within six months in 2018, delivery and manufacturing logistics ultimately resulted in the project taking about a
year to complete, in addition to the stringent ZEMA approval, John Kambing’a, Cummins Aftermarket Leader (Zambia) reports. The main contractor was CP Engineering, with a Cummins Filtration team
overseeing the project from start to finish.
Cummins Filtration built the plant and shipped it to Zambia, where it was installed by a local contractor under the supervision of the project team.
The Cummins Filtration team from South Africa also played a key role in commissioning the plant.
Impact assessment
“It is a requirement in Zambia to conduct an impact assessment for any project being undertaken.
Therefore, the ZEMA approval was necessary to ensure that the coolant plant had no impact on the environment or the surrounding community,”
John explains.
To date, Cummins Zambia’s main coolant customer has been First Quantum Minerals (FQM), a major copper producer in the region. The new plant will allow Cummins Zambia to supply coolant to other
customers in different packages.
“This will grow our filtration sales in Zambia, and allow us to serve other customers. It will also take care of our counter-sales customers. Other Cummins distributors and dealers wanting to take advantage of our cost-competitiveness will also be welcomed,” John highlights.
Different packages
The main benefits of the new coolant plant are that customers will not be restricted to obtain the products only in totes, but can request different
packages according to their specific requirements. Customers will also have the option of bulk supply, which will drastically reduce their storage challenges in having access to sufficient product as and when required, and eliminate long lead times.
Switching to in-house coolant production at Cummins Zambia will reduce import costs significantly, allowing it to pass these savings onto customers.
Meshach Kwegyir-Aggrey, GM Cummins Zambia, elaborates that, with the new coolant plant at Zambia, what we have succeeded in doing is to
basically halt the importation of water, which forms more than 90% of the coolant product, from South Africa into Zambia. This will also assist us to serve diverse markets, with volumes ranging from five litres to 1 000 litres. We will also increase our footprint in the Zambian coolant market and offer
more value to customers.”
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