A South African supplier of mining, industrial, marine and engineering products and applications, has announced the securing of Level 1 Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment (BBBEE) following a private female ownership acquisition.

The Cooper&Cooper group now boasts 100% black ownership by its black female CEO, Lorato Mogaki, bringing to the fold her 17-year tenure in senior and executive level positions in the mining industry. 

Founded in 1897 as a Grain Merchant, the company later evolved into a motor body shop with the advent of the motor car, being one of Johannesburg’s first panel beaters. The Cooper family later identified the need to start the engineering supplies division, launched with the agency for Carver Clamps which to this day, are still sold by the company.

The 70’s saw the business gravitate towards importing and trading with mining, lifting and safety equipment, having acquired the agency for the Nitchi range. The 80’s saw the first branch open in Welkom, thereafter Trichart and Rustenburg.

Throughout the 2000’s, the Group continued building into the new millennium, with continued growth in infrastructure and the additional rollout of countrywide branches and a wider vision. 

Today Cooper&Cooper Group has sole agencies to distribute leading international brands in South Africa and the African Continent, offering the local market a wide range of engineering and marine products across its divisions: Engineering Supplies, Marine Equipment Supplies, Martine Equipment Supplies, Liftworx, Repairworx and Engineering Supplies Crane Services. 


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