Simplified Lifting System

Material handling specialists, BLT World, has launched the new Mobicon 2HL series mini straddle carriers in Africa. These are designed for lifting containers securely onto and off trucks and for moving loads around sites, to significantly reduce onsite congestion, making the yard a safer workplace.

“One of the biggest problems associated with using conventional equipment to load and unload containers is damage caused to yards and pavements that are not designed for carrying heavy weights,” says Ken Mouritzen, managing director, BLT World. “Mobicon container handlers have excellent manoeuvrability and can turn in tight spaces, utilising all parts of the yard. They are able to travel on pavements, on unpaved terrain and in restrictive areas where a forklift or heavy equipment cannot operate. There is no damage to yards and therefore no need for costly repairs. This flexible system requires little maintenance, unlike conventional container handling equipment, such as forklifts, reachstackers, sideloaders or self-loading trailers, which are more costly to operate.”

Ken adds, “In all Mobicon designs, several main principles are always upheld – safe and efficient handling of containers, no damage to the yard surface and the importance of avoiding uncontrolled movement of the load, which is achieved by a guided spreader. The risk of a container or load falling is prevented by a rigid, secure connection.”

Telescopic frame
The latest model in the Mobicon range, the 2HL series which stacks containers two high, has advanced design features over the previous TF2 model. Important advantages include reduction of the overall height of the machine and simplification of the lifting system. Unlike the previous TF2 machines, which had a fixed frame structure, with a total height of 8.2m, the new Mobicon 2HL series has a telescopic frame, with a twin-stage lifting system. This feature allows the machine to collapse to under 5.6m, enabling users to take high cube containers inside warehouses and to travel safely below awnings.

Although the TF2 series was fitted with a robust link chain and sheave block lifting system, it required regular lubrication and periodic component replacement. The advanced lifting system of the 2HL series has a twin-stage lifting design that utilises hydraulic cylinders to efficiently lift containers. Minimal maintenance is required, which significantly reduces the cost of ownership.

Another notable feature of the 2HL series is the hydraulic levelling system which absorbs the effects of uneven pavements and avoids spike-loading, ensuring greater comfort for the operator and reduced stresses within the framework of the machine. Other advancements include draw-wire encoders that provide synchronised lifting of containers, eight cameras for all-round visibility, thus greater safety on site and a high-powered powered Caterpillar engine for improved productivity. These machines are fitted with a Solas-certified weighing system as standard.

Ken Mouritzen, Managing Director, BLT World
Tel: (031) 274-8270