Says Ian O’Hara, RGM Cranes Engineer and Project Manager, “Five years ago, any company tendering for a large project could comfortably quote on the most economical solution, while safely making a comfortable profit. This was largely due to the availability of all sizes of steel sections, as well as the favourable pricing that made tendering highly competitive.

“Over the past few years, this situation has slowly changed due to the inability or reluctance of producers to supply various sizes and sections of steel. This can be attributed to either technical or political influences and has resulted in increases in the cost of materials. In fact, increases in steel prices occur almost bimonthly. Unfortunately, the effects of these negative trends will affect every contributor to the process, with the biggest impact ultimately being on the end user,” Ian points out.

“Striving to supply clients with the best quality cranes and lifting equipment at a cost-effective price, has become more challenging as every project is meticulously planned from the design stage to produce the most cost-effective solution.

“With the inability of steel suppliers to stock all the lengths and sizes, it means that the process of procuring raw materials is now costlier and protracted. We have adapted our way of both thinking and designing so that the impact is minimised and a solution is achieved with minimum impact on project timeframes. We have also formed solid relationships and agreements with specific suppliers in various sectors so that we receive the best available pricing and receive priority deliveries,” Ian explains.

The distinctively diverse and capable team at RGM Cranes treats every project with the attention it deserves from the sales, design, procurement, and manufacturing teams, all the way through to the final assembly, according to the uniquely individual needs of each client.

“Every person in the team understands their role and responsibilities and executes their specific tasks flawlessly and seamlessly. This teamwork mentality is what drives the success of every project we undertake.” Ian concludes.

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