Liebherr has delivered four transshipment cranes, type CBG 360, to its long-term customer Oldendorff Carriers for a major project in North Vietnam. In the coming years, the cranes, which excel through their reliability and high operating speeds, will be used for power generation in the region. Another three cranes of the same type will be commissioned in West Africa for handling bauxite.

The core of the North Vietnamese project is the power plant´s 2 x 600 megawatt power generation units, which supply the region with energy. The CBG-series ensures a continuous turnover of material for the power plant’s operation. The deployed cranes are characterised by their long service life and low maintenance requirements, which are a decisive advantage especially on the open seas and in remote areas.

For the large-scale project to supply energy to North Vietnam, they were looking for a low-maintenance handling solution incorporating high-performance Liebherr four-rope grab cranes, type CBG 360. This is a heavy-duty crane designed for continuous operation. 

Each of the four CBG 360 floating cranes is installed on a 10-metre-long eccentric platform. This allows an extended operating radius of 46 metres for a lifting capacity of 30 tons. The maximum lifting capacity of 36 tons can be utilised at up to 40 metres. The improved positioning and outreach creates more operational flexibility and makes the unloading of the cargo holds even more efficient.

The first transloader with two CBG 360 cranes went into service at the beginning of 2021 with a length of 145 metres and a deadweight capacity of 18 000 tonnes. In West Africa, three CBG 360 are in operation for bauxite handling. This transshipment vessel is equipped with hoppers and a conveyor system, which leads to a faster turnover of the material. The cranes are installed side-mounted and directly discharge into the hopper conveyer belt system.

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