Polymer plastic insert bearings from igus last up to eight times longer.

German polymer bearing manufacturer, igus, has launched a range of ultra-durable spherical insert bearings to replace steel roller bearings in heavy-duty applications. Using advanced tribology to eliminate the requirement for lubrication, the corrosion resistant bearings are ideally suited for most applications, with particularly exciting applications in conveyors, clean applications, manufacturing, concrete, steel and a host of other applications.

With a proven service life of up to eight times longer than steel ball bearings, especially in dirty environments, the igubal spherical bearings can be installed quickly and easily to replace existing bearings. Apart from durability and better wear life, the Injection-moulded spherical insert bearings are also less expensive than traditional bearings.

“Users can dramatically decrease downtime on site and ensure more reliable throughput of products from their operations. In addition, they save on lubrication as we believe the lowest-cost lubrication method is the one you don’t need at all,” says Ian Hewat, managing director of igus South Africa. 

Due to their corrosion resistance and insensitivity to dirt and dust, igubal spherical insert bearings for metal pillow block and fixed flange bearings, can also improve the operating time of most processes. They are also available with cast iron housing with spherical insert bearing Solid, maintenance-free cast steel housing in sizes UC204-206, UC208 and UC210. 

In addition, two-hole and four-hole fixed flange bearings, a sheet metal housing bearing with spherical insert bearing and cost-effective sheet metal housing bearings in sizes P204- 208, are available, as well as two-hole fixed flange bearings. 


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