ELB Telematics provides real-time equipment management from any location

In an era where machine uptime has a direct impact on an operations’ bottom line, construction and mining equipment supplier ELB Equipment has launched its own custom-developed telematics system to radically enhance the effectiveness of its machines on sites.

The telematics solution comes standard with equipment across the entire medium and heavy range providing a host of valuable information to the user via easy-to-use web-based reporting software.  While the machinery supplied by the company is at the pinnacle of reliability, the telematics systems assist the fleet manager to locate and manage fleets from remote locations on any device in real-time.

According to Keon Kardolus ELB Equipment earthmoving and construction sales manager, the addition of telematics as a standard feature on its equipment is the next logical evolution of fleet optimisation. Premium quality equipment nowadays is made to be productive, is ultra-durable and reliable. The addition of a telematics management system further ensures operator conformance, assisted service and maintenance scheduling, alarm parameters, geolocation and a host of other parameters to ensure the equipment remains optimised.

Data analysis

“Our hardware solution provides users with operating details such as driving, idle and standing times, as well as providing an engine hour meter reading, operating event recording, real time reporting of critical events and accurate GPS positioning with playback.

“The web-based software package provides the user with extensive tools to manage and report on the fleet. It enables the user to manage both operator and machine information, define and report on custom events, analyse fleet data and to extract summary and detailed reporting. The software can be accessed by multiple users in real time on any device from any location.

“The operator and machine specific reporting allows the manager to assess the operator’s operating style, position, productivity etc, on Google style mapping. Certification management and ad-hoc reminders and machine service reminders can be done online” says Keon.

Other features

ELB Telematics has been developed in association with Mix Telematics, global leaders in fleet management. Mix Telematics is distributed by Tectra Telematics in South Africa. 


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