Hägglunds Drives South Africa has recently introduced Fusion, the most compact drive in its range. This all-in-one hydraulic drive solution meets high demands in several low power applications, especially those with space constraints.

The hydraulic motor and related components are housed in a cabinet on the torque arm, reducing the requirement for piping, complicated alignments and foundations. This self-contained feature of the drive solution offers easy plug-and-play installation and maintenance to the end-user. 

Hägglunds Fusion provides unbeatable torque from zero speed and includes built-in torque limitation. The machine can start, stop and reverse as often as needed to serve low power applications, without the risk of damage. This results in an increase in productivity for apron feeders, belt feeders and infeed conveyors.

Feeders and conveyors

The variable speed function, its compactness and low cost of ownership makes Hägglunds Fusion an attractive alternative for applications with a low power range. “This is not only a durable, reliable, space- and cost-saving solution, the modular design offers maximum flexibility, ensuring that the solution remains effective for clients and meets their demands,” says Kay Govinder, Sales Manager, Hägglunds Drives, South Africa. 

The drive systems are fully function tested before delivery and include additional technical features, such as a sealed off hydraulic area, spline or shrink disc couplings, as well as basic or advanced control functionalities.

Additionally, Hägglunds offers field and extended services, as well as repairs, spare parts and accessories. This solution is ideal for use in a range of industries, including chemical, rubber, recycling, sugar, mining and material processing. 

Hägglunds is a Bosch Rexroth Company. 


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