The Synchromotion can be manufactured in individual – even large – lengths

Continental is launching a new generation of polyurethane (PU) timing belts in the Truly Endless Product Line, under the name Synchromotion. The PU cover ensures more efficient power transmission than is the case with other materials. With Synchromotion, customers can now choose between eleven different profiles in the length range 1 500 to 14 500mm with a maximum width of 100mm.

Design flexibility

The Synchromotion can be manufactured in individual lengths. Precisely down to one tooth. This gives customers greater design flexibility and additional freedom, for example in terms of centre distances. It opens up new perspectives for applications that were not previously covered by Continental.

The new profiles available enable replacement on existing equipment. The dimensions are fully compatible with competitors’ products and alterations are not necessary. In addition, Synchromotion offers all the usual benefits of Continental PU timing belts. This means reliable power transmission, wear-resistant PU material, low maintenance due to steel cord tension member with high tensile strength, and suitability for applications in demanding environments.

Individual manufacturing

The structure of the white belt reflects that of the Synchroflex, a PU timing belt already established on the market for the lower and medium power range with an endless tension member made from steel. The plastic is identical to Continental’s polyurethane for extruded products.

The Synchromotion is suitable for conveyance and power transmission drives across the power range. These include synchronous conveying systems and transport devices with sliding rails, as well as positioning and reversing drives in linear and control engineering.

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