Says Ross Collard, Managing Director, HPE Africa, “When it comes to the new Hyundai HX220HD crawler excavator series, our customers note favourable features that include high performance, comfortable operation and easy serviceability and maintenance. Fuel efficiency, operator safety and after-sales support, are also important. 

“Customers are impressed with the performance of the 5.68m heavy-duty boom and 2.40m heavy duty arm of these machines, as well as the new variable power control for precise operation and swing control. Other new design features for superior performance include the reinforced bucket and bucket linkage, the strong and stable lower frame and a single layer cooling system. The reinforced idler covers increases durability, while the new design of the cab mounting system reduces shock and vibration,” says Ross.


Operator comfort and safety are important factors for Hyundai’s design experts. New features include a wide cab with reduced noise, excellent visibility, an improved intelligent display, easy-to-reach control panels and a highly sensitive joystick. Other features include an accessible entrance, smooth travel pedals and foot rests and a new front side air-conditioning system.

Hyundai’s Hi-mate remote management system enables users to track and monitor a machine’s performance and daily operation history. This system utilises mobile based technology to access accurate diagnostic information, evaluate equipment reliability and to verify a machine’s location.

High productivity

These robust excavators have a travel speed of 5.7km/h are fitted with an efficient diesel engine 148hp and have an operating weight of 21.4t, a bucket capacity between 0.9m³ and 1.2m³ and a digging depth of 6 730mm.

These crawler excavators are designed for high productivity in many applications including construction, digging trenches, holes or foundations, road works, materials handling and laying pipes, as well as moving earth, demolition or dredging.

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