“We currently hold the biggest fleet of Kalmar port equipment in South Africa,” highlights MD of Shumani Industrial Equipment, Victor Nemukula. The Kalmar Essential reach stacker gives more value for money without compromising on quality. Built on the proven G-Generation platform, these machines are reliable, robust, highly efficient and are available with either EU3/Tier 3, EU4/ Tier 4F or EU5 or Korea Stage V emissions standards compliant engines.

Kalmar equipment is available for outright purchase or short term rental at affordable rates. “Most companies that require this equipment either do not have the capital outlay to purchase outright, or do not want to put it on their balance sheet,” explains Victor.

Financial muscle

To cater for these clients, Shumani has the financial muscle to offer longer term rental if needed. As the largest owner of Kalmar equipment in its short-term rental fleet, Shumani can rent out these units on a flexible basis for up to 24 months.

“We are the only 51% black-owned, Level 1 BBB-EE in the country that can offer forklifts and warehouse equipment, construction equipment and cleaning equipment on both outright purchase, long- and short-term rental in South Africa,” comments Victor.

Response time

Over the past eight years, Shumani has built up its in-house technical capabilities to provide services around the country. It strives to offer its customers 24/7 service and a two-hour response time in major metropolitan areas for all its equipment.

Looking ahead, the port and warehousing market continue to lead the way in terms of growth. “We are already seeing robust growth going into 2023 in these two market sectors. New products will be announced this year once the necessary logistics have been finalised,” Victor concludes.


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