BMG’s Tsubaki BS-F backstop cam clutches are designed for use in sugar processing where there are high temperature environments and wet, corrosive and dusty conditions.

Safety regulations demand that the installation of incline conveyor belts must include the fitting and use of one or more devices to prevent run-back or run-on, to prevent injury by materials falling from a conveyor belt,” says Carlo Beukes, BMG’s Power Transmission Business Unit Manager. 

“The BMG team works closely with engineers in the sugar sector to maintain critical safety standards and ensure adherence to current legislation. Stringent measures are taken to prevent roll back incidents that can cause injuries during conveying operations.

Capacities and designs

“Tsubaki back stop cam clutches, which prevent reverse rotation of drive shafts, offer a simple and cost-effective means to protect capital equipment and enhance safety on site. This range is available from BMG with different capacities and designs, to provide optimal functional characteristics for three basic modes of operation: over-running, indexing and backstopping.

“Our technical experts advise on the selection of the correct cam clutch for each application in the sugar sector and appropriate installation and usage, for optimum performance and safety,” Carlo explains.

Not found in conventional models

BMG’s range of Tsubaki back stop cam clutches, which is suitable for high or low speed applications, meets stringent requirements and has many critical features not found in conventional models.

The high-torque, high-speed Tsubaki BS-F series is designed for high-speed inclined and long belt conveyors and bucket elevators. The narrow width I-beam torque arm is a drop-in replacement to conventional anti-roll back devices, which allows for quick and easy on-site installation. This design also enables the replacement of an old backstop with the new BS-F design, without the need for modification to the existing layout. 

Narrower width

Although this series has a narrower width than other models, the downsized unit exceeds the requirements of high-speed inclined belt conveyors, with the benefits of space-saving and reduced installation time.

A common cause of conventional backstop failure is oil leakage. Tsubaki has eliminated this risk in the BS-F series by designing the backstop to operate with EP free, long-life grease and a specially-designed labyrinth seal. The absence of an oil level gauge creates a more reliable safety device. This specially-formulated Tsubaki approved grease is also available from BMG.

Effective service life

Other important features of this series include a non-roll over cam and roller design, which offers higher backstop torque capacities and lower running temperatures than conventional anti roll back devices. Added to this, a flexible labyrinth seal mechanism prevents the ingress of dust and water in abrasive conditions and a double-lip oil seal and multi-temperature grease enable safe operation at a wide ambient temperature range, from – 40°C to + 65°C.

The cam and roller cage orbit at low speed, continually conveying grease internally from the bottom to the top of the mechanism. The constant circulation of grease minimises internal friction and reduces operating temperature for dependable operation. Maintenance intervals are between 7 500 hours and 8 000 hours and the effective service life of the units is also significantly extended compared with conventional oil-filled units.

Dust prevention care

For longer service life, correct lubrication methods and dust prevention care are critical. BMG recommends the use of a maintenance kit and Tsubaki-approved EP-free grease for easy and effective maintenance of the BSF series. The company offers customers a complimentary Tsubaki maintenance kit with BSF backstops larger than a 200 mm shaft, which allows for easy servicing of the unit during operation, without the need for removal from the shaft.

BMG also supplies a wide range of customised Tsubaki chains to the sugar sector, designed and manufactured with various options, to suit specific requirements.

The right chain

According to BMG specialists, selecting the right chain for every job is critical, especially in harsh conditions where dust and abrasive particles infiltrate moving parts and significantly shorten the lifetime of standard chain. This damage results in high costs caused by downtime, production loss, replacement parts and labour.

Tsubaki Titan chain, which offers previously unobtainable wear-life in harsh conditions, combines key features of the existing premium Tsubaki GT4 Winner chain, with new specifications which have been designed to deliver extended wear performance.

Old for new

Advanced design features of the Titan series not only extend the service life of the chain, but also reduce maintenance costs and minimise downtime. Another advantage is the reduced frequency of swapping out old chain for new, which contributes to a significant reduction in the Total Cost of Ownership.

An important feature of Tsubaki Titan chain is the use of seamless bushes that incorporate lube grooves. These bushes, which are precision-made and perfectly cylindrical, ensure the smoothest possible operation to help minimise wear in sugar processing. Added to this, the specially designed lube grooves ensure oil is retained at the point of contact, where the chain needs it most. This limits the wear between pin and bush, significantly improving the wear life.

Link plates

Tsubaki Titan pins have a special surface coating that provides an extra hard, yet low-friction surface, further extending the service period. 

The Tsubaki development team has specified corrosion-resistant, nickel-plated outer link plates for this series, which are used in combination with black oxide inner link plates, to provide an additional layer of protection against corrosion. 

Full load capacity

Tsubaki has also incorporated its reliable ring coined technology, which overcomes the problem of typical standard slip-fit connecting links, that are usually much weaker than other links. The process of ring-coining the connecting links ensures that the chain can be specified up to its full load capacity.

Standard Tsubaki Titan Chain is available from BMG in sizes 12B to 32B. Additional sizes, multi-strand and attachment options will be available on request.

Immaculate production process

All these chain products are manufactured with special materials, coatings and lubrications and undergo an immaculate production process to ensure dimensional accuracy, constant geometry, high surface quality and long service life. Customers are able to specify a wide range of standard Tsubaki attachments on any suitable American (ANSI) or British (BS) chain product, of up to 50m in length. 

There is no compromise in terms of component specifications and quality standards are guaranteed. BMG’s assembly service means customers don’t need to invest in expensive stockholdings of specialised attachment chains for a particular machine.

Large stockholding

BMG’s technical team conducts full plant surveys and advises on the selection of the correct cam clutch and chain for each application, as well as the appropriate installation and usage, to ensure optimum performance and improved safety standards. 

The company stocks a wide variety of the Tsubaki backstops locally and test runs every unit before delivery. This is a major advantage, as the current industry norm is up to 16 weeks delivery. The complete range of Tsubaki power transmission components is available from BMG’s national branch network, which offers a technical advisory and 24-hour back-up service.

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